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    My buddy just bought a 3d printer and he said that he cant print this spider.stl I sent him because its 'on its side' but its the same file I sent Shapeways. How does shapeways do it and his somewhat high quality machine (I dont know much about them) can't? Is it that Shapeways is actually taking my spider and flipping it onto its legs (orienting it correctly) or can you print them at any orientation you want really with any 3d printer?
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    Do you know what printer he has? Most at home printers require using support structures, made of the same material as the print, to support overhangs.

    Our operators rotate models to obtain highest quantity, and quality in a build tray. All of our printers either use unfused build material for support, or use a weaker material for supports so they can be cleaned after production. So your spider could be produced any which way.
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