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  1. nomis
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    Hi all.

    Being new to this community and anxiously awaiting my first print I have been thinking about something:

    Is it possible to control the orientation of the model during the printing process? While it doesn't seem to matter that much for the plastic materials, the printing process for the stainless steel seems to have visible traces of the printing layers.

    Now if printing a curved surface, it would matter a lot to the appearance in which orientation the piece is, a half-sphere could either have a circular pattern on its spherical side, or a pattern of parallel lines (or something weird, which I'd consider unlikely). If one would want to incorporate these lines into a design, would it be possible to specify a printing orientation?

  2. robert
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    No, at this time you cannot influence the printing position.

    Though we are thinking about this, but there are some challenges. Both from a technical perspective (how do you specifify it?) and from an operational perspective (how do we keep track of these specifications in the production process?).

    It will happen, not sure when yet.

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