Organic modeler needed, Rhino/T-Splines preferred

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    I need someone to make a lot of simple-ish organic models in Rhinoceros, preferably with T-Splines. The theme is "appendages": tentacles, eyestalks, beaks, antennae, tube-feet, spines, rhinophores.... More soft-bodied than arthropod but there's room for both. The right person to work on this enjoys invertebrate animals.

    It's a slightly creative project, I'll give you the template and the ones I've done and say "do 20 like these but different...ok, 20 more". You'll need to be in touch with printability considerations as these must work in different sizes and materials. I don't mind helping with that, if you don't mind learning on the job. If you are able to color the models -- and especially if you can teach me how to do it -- that's a plus.

    There's not a huge budget: unless you're super fast or charging the "fun" rate I can't afford a seasoned professional. On the plus side the models won't need detail or texturing, it's more cartoon than realism. This is work for hire, if the project works out you'll have a credit, but I need to own the models.

    NB: a mesh modeler such as ZBrush won't work for this project, as dimensions must be precise and surfaces must be smooth, not lumpy or clay-like.

    Please reply to And please don't panic if it takes me a day or two to get back.


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