ordered 2 Items only 1 arrived

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by Neffy, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Neffy
    Neffy New Member
    Hi there i ordered 2 print outs of my Utah teapot and the package arrived today and only 1 teapot was inside the box. I need to know if this was simply left behind or if someone tampered with my mail. The box was an impossible size to fit through the letter slot in my mailbox yet thats where it was sitting. So it is possible the body corporate found the box in the foyer and after opening it and removing one of the items put it in my mailbox.

    It didnt seem like anyone opened it as i used a key to cut through the plastic that held the invoice on, however only one side was securely held down and there is a cutout in the foam where the other teapot was "supposed" to go.

    I would recomend more sticky tape on your boxes it dosent seem very secure.
  2. Neffy
    Neffy New Member
    Hi i got an email from support saying the other one is on its way, they ship them as soon as there done and both where not printed at the same time obviously :p

    This is very confusing because the invoice on the box says the quantitiy is 2 :p
  3. robert
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    Yes, we are working on proper packaging slips.

    Sorry about the confusion!