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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by KoalaCreek, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. KoalaCreek
    KoalaCreek New Member
    I used the Black Detail offer, to order some objects. The progress of the order is still on "Paid". Normally I would already have received a confirmation that the printing had started.

    Is there an issue with the Black Detail orders?


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  2. madox
    madox New Member
    Ditto. First time order so I didn't know whether to expect any E-mail or status changes :)
  3. pittuck
    pittuck New Member
    I was just about to post to ask a similar question.

    I think that they will have a small mountain of orders (mine is itself a considerable mole hill), I expect everyone at shapeways is working hard to get through the queue.

    iirc they also mentioned using a different courier starting this week, and with shapeways touring the industrialised world I expect they are feeling just a tad pooped.

    Anyhow, Keep up the good work!

    I am sure I will be eagerly sitting by my front door in a week or so waiting for my parcel :D

    - Martyn
  4. joris
    joris New Member
    There isn't an issue with the Black Detail orders. There is however an issue with the emails going out. We are trying to solve that now.

  5. KoalaCreek
    KoalaCreek New Member
    Thanks for the response ... hope to see the printed items arriving soon!


  6. daddymack
    daddymack New Member
    Aah Joris, always the bearer of good tidings... Thanks :D

    I went a little nuts on the black material here too... will be posting pics as they arrive
  7. joris
    joris New Member
    Yeah, you're not the only one that went nuts. The Objet Eden and Connex will be pretty busy the comming weeks.
  8. madox
    madox New Member
    Ordered 11 days ago and status is still stuck on 'paid' :(
    Is the web status linked to the email system somehow?
  9. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder
    yes the webstatus and emails are linked.

    Please send us an email at the service ( at ) address and we we can give you the latest status.

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  10. madox
    madox New Member
    Thanks...the delayed email was received and the package received very shortly after!
  11. madox
    madox New Member
    This time around I got my first 'in production' message in under 2 days :) Yay. Improvement!

    Thank you Shapeways...now to wait for the shipping message :)