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    I will do some kind of black. It is to isolate LED lights from each other for a spectrum analyzer. The smaller space between each element is 0.75mm. It doesn't need to be super accurate. It also doesn't need to be strong because it will be epoxied onto a PCB and the holes will all be filled with epoxy. Then the face will be ground flat. It will become a solid object. Should I use strong & flexible or detail?
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    No one?
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    How big are the holes?
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    It would probably easiest answered with this:

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    Those are the dimensions of each hole. 20 of them in each direction. There is a 0.75mm wall between each on the Y axis, and they are 8mm apart on center on the Y axis, so 3mm from each tip. The model is linked to and is downloadable.
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    I don't think WSF would be a good choice as wall thickness can cause holes to close. Check out this extensive examination of results. I would go with FD or FUD for best results.