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  1. FreakyShape
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    I'm currently working on a conceptual vase made with a beer bottle. It will be printable in Full Color Sandstone. An other version will be printable in ceramic.
    I designed the vase at real scale.
    The bottle is partially open.
    I'm still working on the textures and colors, but this is not very easy with SolidWorks.
    This is just a quick render also made with solidworks.

    What do you think about it?

  2. bartv
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    I like it. There's no space for any water at the bottom though?

    Oh, and a hint if you want to print in ceramics: the edges on the inside add quite a bit of surface. As ceramics is priced per cm2 surface area, this may increase the price quite a bit.


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  3. FreakyShape
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    Thank you!

    I plan to design one to print in full color sandstone with the fake plant and an other without the plant and a space for the water (where there is the land) for ceramic print.
    In full color sandstone it will be about 60 euros (the height is 29cm).
    And in ceramics about 80 euros for a height about 23cm (without the plant). I will check if the inside edges add a lot on the price. Thanks for the advice.

    I update the design for the full color sandstone :

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  4. eNonsense
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    I've never had anything made in full color sandstone, but from my understanding, as soon as you get it wet the color starts washing out. This is an excerpt from the material page:

    The colors we use are similar to Inkjet Printer coloring, which fades when wet. The same principle applies to 3D printed colors. In this photo, the original color was a sky blue (as represented in the lower right of the photo), and after we dipped the model in water the blue faded and whitened. This model should not be designed for applications that requires the model to touch water.
  5. FreakyShape
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    Yes I know about this fact. But, in principle, the full color sandstone don't be wet. Because it's just a kind of fake vase (with the fake plant and fake sand).
    However with the ceramic printed version you could add some water like for real vase.