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    Good day Dear Colleagues, My name is Ilya Alekseev.
    I'm from Moscow, Russia.
    I am an aspiring entrepreneur. Many times I came to your site and in store, I loved your products and how you make them. Unfortunately in Russia, these technologies are not a level and few who do it. System of production and sale of these products have a very The interested. In Russia, too, has a 3d printer but not such a level as you.
    I would suggest you to open a branch of your production in Russia. American technology in great demand in Moscow and in Russia as a whole. The price of goods from the United States is much higher in Russia.Therefore, the company opened in Moscow We can save a lot of money on transportation and customs duty. Especially in Russia this kind of production is only beginning to develop, thus we can win the market not only in Moscow and Russia, but also the nearest CIS markets.
    I ask you to consider this proposal. For all questions you can write me an email Lukson-3@mal.ru
    You make the future, so why not make it international?

    Regards to you and your work
    Alekseev Ilya.