OO scale Police Phone Box

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by stop4stuff, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. stop4stuff
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  2. MuseumofSmallThings
    MuseumofSmallThings New Member
    This looks great!
  3. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member

    I should have more piccies in a few days once I've finished painting it.

    [edit] I forgot to mention, the model is only 37mm tall.
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  4. chris89
    chris89 New Member
    impressive :) its tiny!!!

    Looks like the rough surface error is still there though, can see some obvious roughness and banding on one side. :(:(:(
  5. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    I have another model, that I stuck to my personal 'golden design rule' that has curves in 3 dimensions... and no ridges anywhere... perhaps the FUD printer suffers from the same surface approximation as the printers for other materials... mmm... certainly something to think about.