Onion Slice

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by Magic, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Magic
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    The Onion Slice arrived in Purple Strong and Flexible.

    The model is basically the central slice of 9 concentric spheres.
    The model arrive in one solid block, and I have to use a lot of efforts (plus water and soap) to separate the layers: the clearance is only 0.5mm for layers of 1mm.
    But once the layers are separated, the result is quite good!
    A side effect is that only the external surface was dyed, but this gives a very nice effect.

    It does not turn as well as the Ring'n'Roll, probably because the clearance is so small and also because the layer are flexible and can be deformed. But still a lot of fun playing with it.

    Also check the video.

    The model is for sale for a limited amount of time because of the issue of the layers being stuck, so buy it at your own risks!
    I will try to redsign it with less layers, probably thicker, and more clearance.

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  2. virtox
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    Been waiting for it after your initial idea post!
    And wow, that works so well! :eek: :eek: :eek:

    If you increase clearance to 0.7mm (perhaps slightly more, the contacting surface area is quite big) I do not think you would notice much difference in behavior.

    Perhaps work with production/CS to find the sweet spot for production/cleaning/movability and snugness/fun?


    Ps. Awesome limited edition with the dye this way ;)
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  3. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Absolutely brilliant!

    The dyed effect is really cool too!

  4. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    @Virtox: yes I remember our conversation on this topic. Strangely enough, at that time I was concerned by the two layers being stuck and I printed them turned at 90°. I coud have done the same here (but it would have ruined the wonderful color effect :)).
    The next version will probably have layers of 1.5mm and clearance of 0.75mm and much less layers (perhaps 5 instead of 9).

    @Stop4stuff: thank you very much. I love when a non planned artifact makes the result even better (like sometimes the printing layers in organic sculptures).

    By the way the 4 outer layers can be easily removed and the 5th can be removed too but with a little more brute force...