Onimusha Soki Armour and sword

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    Im a current games student and i have only just found out about this so i have now began focus onto the use of this and thought maybe armour can be made using this along with a sword.

    as you can see from the picture all the armour parts that are visable i would like to try and be made but along side this i know there are certin limits with length as well so i must also ask about the sword and the possablity of using it to create a 3 to 4 tri set so that you can build them into each other and then glue or leave them together

    these are only my ideas but if possable thats what i would like to have done.

    if people could try and make such things then it'll be awesome and also this is all for to be made for to dress up in to then show something amazing
    Plastic material armour.jpg
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    Sorry i didnt know that there was such a rule I never saw anything about it nor was i told.
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    No worries. I found the "official statement"...

    From http://www.shapeways.com/support/faq :

    > Are there prohibited products?
    ... Weaponry look products are not accepted on Shapeways, neither private, nor public. Any file containing such content will be removed without further notice. We are allowed to make an exception for miniature weaponry (maximum size 10cm).