Onceler House

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  1. jefffhaynes
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    It's taken me a while to post this but this was one of the first models I did and still one of my favorite. The Oncler House from "The Lorax".

    Also attached, a model of my house in Boston done as an ornament for my parents. The inside of the house is actually completely modeled and accurate as well (thanks to Shapeways for working with me on this!!!).

    - Jeff

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  2. daddymack
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    stunning output!
  3. Lyndzer
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  4. bennokr
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    The top house looks Dr. Seussian! It's very whimsical and cool :) Amazing modelling work.
  5. jefffhaynes
    jefffhaynes New Member
    Thanks! But I have to give all the credit to the doc himself. The house is the Onceler House from "The Lorax", a fantastic book.