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Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by SGDesigns, May 12, 2013.

  1. SGDesigns
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    Hi all, I just want to share my latest design. It arrived and I got to work on finishing it. Its a size 6.5 pinky ring, over an ounce silver 29.5grams. I'll be posting some of my other designs real soon. Ive been real busy with the website, and other projects. Im real happy with the quality shapeways continues to offer.

    Left Pinky Ring 2.jpg


  2. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Nice job as always, Sal.

  3. JewelryLab
    JewelryLab New Member
    very cool ring, did you print it in fine silver? I just ordered my new bat pendant in fine silver and I just hope that I won't lose too much details when it finished
  4. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    Thanks. This ring is in the standard silver, I polish it myself. Picture isnt the best, unfortunately my camera finally broke and all Im left with is my iPhone. Post a picture of your piece when you receive it. Id like to see what it looks like in premium silver. Thats what you mean right? Fine silver/premium silver?
  5. JewelryLab
    JewelryLab New Member
    yes, sure I will post a pic in Premium silver, delivery date is june 25, I hope i can get it earlier :rolleyes:
  6. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    I just saw your bat pendant. I was thinking it was a batman style pendant but I was wrong. Very nice looking bat pendant. Love the detail on the face. One thing tho, did you order it with the linked loop on top? I wasnt aware this was possible in silver.

    Sometimes I do get my orders 1 or 2 weeks early. No on all packages, but it happened a few times.
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  7. JewelryLab
    JewelryLab New Member
    thank you, yes I ordered with link, do you think it can be a problem? I've never ordered before anything for myself here, I print all of my jewelry on solidscape or cut on CNC , but if the bat comes out well than I will print some of my models here as it's less expensive and i don't even need to cast them :)
  8. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    I hear solidscape printers give very good detail and little to no need to polish but are very expensive to do so. Let me check the design rules, as far as I know, interlocking pieces can not be printed. If your pendant is one solid item that looks like its 2 pieces then it should be fine. I always look at the design rules before I print anything out. Just to see the limitations in minimum detail available, engraving requirements and things like that... every material available here has a different design rule and what I do, when it comes to polishing, even when I manually give my pieces a light polish, I always model the detail with that in mind. For example my cheshire cat. If you see the ring at size 5 1/5, the 3d model has hair detail that is exaggerated, doesnt look too nice as a 3d mode but after printed and polished its perfect. I do this because I hand polish my pieces, but im curious to see premium silver. I hear the outcome looks real nice.

    cat 3d.jpg

    cat silver.JPG

  9. SGDesigns
    SGDesigns New Member
    Here is what I found on the design rules for silver right now. These two apply to you.

    Here are some of the Silver Design Rules

    Interlocking or Enclosed Part?: No
    Multiple Part per STL: No, except for earrings & cufflinks

    You might want to contact customer service just to make sure in order for you to modify your model and save yourself some time.

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  10. JewelryLab
    JewelryLab New Member
    yes, solidscapes are good but to grow my bat in wax would cost around $300 on good resolution and twise as much on highest settings. I love your cat ring, maybe I will even order one for my daughter's birthday later, and thank you for all info, I will contact customer service to check on my model and if any problem I'll just remove the bail and cast it separately
  11. BillBedford
    BillBedford New Member

    What machines do Shapeways use for their silver casting?

  12. JewelryLab
    JewelryLab New Member
    probably the ones from Stratatys and 3D systems
  13. BillBedford
    BillBedford New Member
    Well, Statasys own Solidscape.......
  14. JewelryLab
    JewelryLab New Member
    really? I didn't know that. I thought Solidscape was a stand alone Co.
  15. stannum
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    Owned by Stratasys since May 2011.