Okko miniature game piece

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  1. Here's a preview of model I am preparing for printing. Inspired by excellent tabletop game "Okko" which plays with limited set of miniatures OR cardboard cut-out pieces. Since I am all into japanese history and myths as well as tabletop miniatures I just could not let such a chance pass without giving it a try (pushing technology to limits on the way) and attempted to create my own miniature for it. Roughly 35 cm in size. At the moment just making sure model is watertight and with proper geometry. Hope you like it.

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  2. It seems that model passed certification. Can't wait to have it printed but guess salary has to come first...
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    Very nice model. What software do you use?
    I would be concerned about the fans, fingers, and ends of the scrolls. What are their thicknesses and what material are you going to print them in?
  4. Thank you, you are very kind.

    I am working with Blender (basic shape) and Sculptris (sculpting folds), then scaling and merging shapes together in Blender again.

    You are of course right- I am a bit concerned about details myself. It's standard wargamin "35" scale. Tried it on another miniature I did (french officer) and to my surprise fingers printed correctly. Goal of this one is to try and see how far I can push technology- that's why I added fan ribs, using traditional casting things like that would not be possible.

    Material- of course a frosty super detail. I am tempted to give it a go in a white detail, too.
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    FUD you can get down to .1mm as long as the fans are firmly attached elsewhere, such as the body. White detail says it can go down to .2mm for details which surprises me. So as long as they are at least .2mm and attached to the body, not just the fan ribs.
  6. Oh- everything is a single, watertight shape and yes, all "ribs" are connected to more massive parts so I HOPE (certainly I can not be certain) that it will work. We shall see :) For now I am going to do some more feudal Japan- flavoured miniatures
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    You could get Netfabb basic for free, and check your thicknesses before trying to purchase. Keep up the good work.
  8. I will certainly do my best, thank you for a good word and advice.
  9. Next miniature- undead monk from Crow clan. Starting with clothes.

  10. Frosted ultra detail after coating (sadly, some artifacts still there)


    ...and finished miniature (well, almost finished, no base):



    In overal: its a very interesting alternative to traditional prototyping but IMHO proces still requires some refining (artifacts). If that problem would disappear- i am all in for serious "print on demmand" miniature shop
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    Wonderful job, hard to see the face, how'd the details come out in there?
  12. Quite decent, although they are hard to paint with cowl on head. Rule of thumb for any gaming miniature would be to exagerate A LOT. This one is realistic so some finer details get "smoothed" a bit too much.