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Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by Ronsaki, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    Hello Shapeways.
    I am a 3rd year mechanical engineering student. My focus so far has been computer aided engineering, and I love 3D printing technology.
    I've already designed some models for printing at the Shapeways, however I would like to expand my portfolio in a bit faster rate and therefore will do some
    PM me here if you are interested


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  2. smithkelly33
    smithkelly33 New Member
    I have a project which is a pendant with some fine lines. Would it be possible to talk to you about it? I'm looking now for a 3D modeler.
  3. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    Sure, send me a PM with your idea/sketch and your choice of material.
  4. silvi
    silvi New Member
    Hello there,
    this is Silvia Imbergamo, I am a third year student in CSM, college of arts in London and i am desperately looking for help. As you know 3rd year is the final project time and I m working with 3d printing for textile design....I would be so relieved if someone can produce for me, possibly on sketch up a very easy thing which is sort of architectural model using only 3 geometrical shapes: triangle, circle and square, in order to the make my order then.
    I was actually looking for private lessons, as this could be just the beginning and i might need more help later on.

    Hope I hear from you soon and hope u live in london.
    Ps: if u need more items to put in your portfolio we can collaborate together as i am going to produce textile pieces and i m willing to send u the outcome back....

    thanking u in anticipation.
  5. klivreri
    klivreri New Member
    I am looking for some to print a design of my baby bottle.
    I prefer to discuss by email.
  6. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    Email sent.
  7. silvi
    silvi New Member
    Hello, it is Silvia again, I was wondering if that could be enough for you to understand what i need to send to shape ways.
    I apologize if my knowledge about the program is not that broad, but i have tried to do my best.
    I need to create piramides cubes and cilinders all over a body, eventually i need to make a sort of layering work...there is an architectural model next to the body that shows you the idea that i need to convert for a pattern then....from what i got you don t know how to work on a body, i just upload a body and I went all around it...I don t know if you can do that...?

    Hope to hear from you soon,

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  8. NickLund
    NickLund New Member
    Hi, I am making a necklace pendant for my sisters confirmation, but I'm new to 3D modelling. It comes in 2 parts, and I was wondering if you could fix my model so it would be printable, and make some adjustments to one of the parts :)
  9. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    Available for more work!
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  10. Nerdvana_Designs
    Nerdvana_Designs New Member
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  11. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    Sent you PM.
  12. carlyemma
    carlyemma New Member
    Hi Ronsaki,

    I've partially modelled the basics of a large ring (for jewellery design) and need someone to help model the finer details (I want to add shells).
    Plus I have trouble when I export to an STL... my curved shapes turn geometrical..
    Would love it if you could finish modelling for me!
    I have it in both STL & FBX format...

    Let me know if you're able to and I'll send through the files,
    Kind Regards,
  13. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    PM sent
  14. bennett338
    bennett338 New Member
    I am looking for someone to make a 3d model of my 1 year old daughter to be made into a figure. If its something you think would be possible just let me know what you need for a quote.

  15. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    Here is some of my recent work:


    Available for more work.
    PM me and I will give you a quote.
  16. ForPony
    ForPony New Member
    Hi Ronsaki,

    I have a design for a ring in mind with a celtic knot.
    Please could you pm me if you're available for work ?


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  17. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    lifter1.81.jpg Attaching some recent work.

    Available for more work!

  18. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
    aircond1.jpg Some more renders:
  19. Ronsaki
    Ronsaki Well-Known Member
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  20. kymatti
    kymatti New Member
    Satisfied customer here !! Ronsaki did a few models for me and i am very happy with his work. Highly recommended. If you need some technical stuff, he is the guy to go for.