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  1. Hello,
    I am currently studying 3D, 3D modeling, animation and everything relevant to it, I'd love to work on someones project whether it be creating a game or something for their own use, soon I am going to come out of college and graduate with a piece of paper, I need to bump up my experience and get a taster for creating more diverse things rather than coming at employers with a grade, I hope someone out there reads this and could do with a hand for their project

    ALSO, I am currently doing some contract work for pinewood studios on a TV series they are looking to broadcast throughout britain, so if this post sounds interesting please feel free to check out some work I recently handed in for a modeling assignment, I am in my first year and my project is not complete yet but never the less here's the link-

    Thankyou for your time I appreciate it greatly
    BAROBA New Member
    Hi Ben,

    I am sorry to tell you that your work is rather poor....
    It is among the worst I have seen in a long while.
    While it does show some understand of a bit of everything; modeling, texturing,lighting an rendering, it all is such low level that I would suggest to keep working very hard if you ever hope to get a job.
    Please feel free to remove that video from youtube...

  3. Hello rob, that was pretty harsh, but I can take criticism, I am at college currently and have created that work within 4 months of being at college, but honestly, thankyou for the motivation to do well in the industry, i look forward to proving you wrong,
  4. darkknight
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    I could use the help on some parts that are for my own use
  5. maximusin3d
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    Hi Ben,
    i'd just like to offer a little word of encouragement. Thick skin or not, its hard to hear that your work is among the worst somebody has ever seen. As a student four months in i'd say you are fine. My work was absolutely horrible (and im not saying that to make you feel better) when i first started 3d and most people's work is. Just keep at it and you'll get better. Proving people wrong is a good attitude to have. Good luck.
  6. megsempinado
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    hi there kid,
    it's normal to get a negative feedback i have been through that, and i love the way you deal with it, just don't stop .

    if you need some advice or you need help feel free to contact me.