Octopus Necklace

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    I just received this in the mail and It came out great in Silver! I'm still waiting on the stainless steel version, I had to thicken the legs for steel and I hollowed out the head to reduce the cost a bit. I can't take full credit for the original modeling though, I originally found it on Thingiverse (bucket o' octopi) I just modified it to work for a necklace the size and material I wanted it in. Anyhow, it's in my shop if you need one too! :) http://www.shapeways.com/model/605984/b6faec06aebb74940dfd9f 85ad897c39

    Octopus Necklace 1.jpg

    Octopus Necklace 2.jpg

    Octopus Necklace 3.jpg

    Octopus Necklace 4.jpg

    Octopus Necklace 5.jpg
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    Pretty sweet, he looks like he should be holding something in each arm though