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  1. jsp7707
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    This is a project I designed for a cad class several years ago. Finally gathered the funds to get it printed. The gears are placed on the faces of an octahedron and projected onto a sphere. I am also using little RC bearings in the gears for smoother operation.

    It's really cool to finally hold this. Right now it is not for sale. If someone is interested in buying this please email me.

    Enjoy the photos. I'll be uploading a youTube video soon.





  2. ana_xyz
    ana_xyz New Member
    That's beautiful! Do the gears turn smoothly?

  3. jsp7707
    jsp7707 New Member
    The gears were a little tight to start, but the more I play with it the looser and easier it spins...
  4. Spongeinside
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    Looks really cool! =D Do you have a video of it working?
  5. nautilus
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    look very nice,
    very high tech.....
    Does it realy run smouth,
    Can't be easy to design something like this...
    Well done
  6. noesis
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    That's really awesome! So what did you use for the bearings? I always forget to think about including things in my designs that aren't printed but added later! Now my wheels are spinning (no pun intended), what thing could I make with bearings? :)

    Edit: Missed the part about RC Bearings above :)
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  7. jsp7707
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