Obtaining the dyed WSF pieces without polishing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Psychobob, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Psychobob
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    I've been thinking of making a shapeways shop for a while and have started on some models to put in it. Obviously I would want them to have as little need for post work as possible as ideally I would like for the customer to purchase it directly from Shapeways rather than myself having to do any post work.

    I would like something to be in red and I see shapeways offers coral red strong and flexible polished, but I couldn't see a non polished version of this no of any other strong and flexible pieces that shapeways dyes for you. Is there no way to get strong and flexible dyed without polishing directly from Shapeways?

    I understand I could use full coloured sandstone, but some of the model swould need to be durable, so I was wanting to use the strong and flexible material.

  2. mkroeker
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    Polishing is done before dyeing (and apparently required for the recent improvements in color intensity and consistency).
    Are your models to delicate to survive polishing, or do they need to have coarse surfaces to function properly ?
  3. Psychobob
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    The current ones I have in mind are not delicate nor are they requiring to be coarse from a functional point of view, it's just polishing isn't really necessary on these particular models. There may be future ones however that would be more delicate or require it to be coarse for some reason.

    I just wanted to check I wasn't overlooking anything :)

    Thanks for the prompt response.