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  1. Jeremiah4512
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    This is my first time using Shapeway, and today i submitted my first project. The dimensions of the project within the CAD application im using are, 2/45x 4.65 x .46 but everytime i upload the project the dimensions get increased to around, 6.45 x 11.32 x 1.02. Why is this?
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    What kind of file are you uploading - .stl, .x3d etc?

    When you upload, does it offer you the choice of units (mm, inches, metres)? What do you respond?

    What units do you think you are designing in?

    Can you make your model in Shapeways public?
  3. Jeremiah4512
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    Yes, and inches. However i have tried using all of the scaling options and none of them result in the proper measurements.

    I am in Inches.

    I don't know what Shapeway public is.
  4. mkroeker
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    Your unwanted conversion factor is suspiciously close to the 2.54 of inch/centimeter conversion. (And something is not quite right with the figures you wrote - they imply different conversion factors for the axes). Check dimensions in "Edit" mode - there you should see both the original dimensions of your part and the minimal dimensions of the "oriented bounding box" used for cost calculation.

    If there still remains a discrepancy between what you modeled and what shapeways reports, calculate the scaling factor from expected vs reported value and use (free,cross-platform) netfabb studio basic to rescale your model accordingly (incidentally, what sized does netfabb report - I believe it is very close to what shapeways refers to as its "mesh medic" software, and the simplest explanation would be that your software still "thinks" in metric even if you select imperial units for its user interface. (As far as I know, STL is unit-agnostic, which is why shapeways asks you whether you want numeric differences to measure in inches or millimeters.

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