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    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I had a quick check and couldn't see anything, but I may have missed or skipped something, so, if it has, don't be too angry...please?

    <background info>
    As I haven't done much desining in the past, (I did for a little bit for fun, but stopped for awhile). I re-picked up sketchup and played around with it. Installing the Sims 2 and messing around with that, I wanted to make some stuff for it. Looking up a few tutorials, I downloaded a few programs (SimPe and wings3D). SimPe has been good so far.
    </background info>

    I have been having a little trouble with Wings3D, so I decided to hope that I could import a .obj file with Sketchup pro. I saw somewhere (I think) that it's possible to export, but I wasn't sure about importing...

    Is this possible?


  2. pete
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    Hi Alex,

    according to this page you can *export* OBJ files, but not import them unfortunately.