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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by designerica, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. designerica
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    i live in new york but i'm a reseller. i have all the proper paperwork for reselling, which i've submitted to shapeways. actually, after i submitted it nothing happened. when i asked about it, I was again asked to submit a resale certificate. talk about a lack of organization. but what else do i expect from shapeways?

    i thought this was dealt with when i was FINALLY turned into a "business user" and my previously paid taxes were refunded. and yet, despite numerous interactions with shapeways staff, the shapeways website continues to charge me sales tax. i've asked at least 3x for my sales tax to be turned off. still it doesn't happen. i find it hard to believe that the system won't allow for this situation. people in other states aren't paying sales tax, so how can it be that there is no such option for those of us in NY who are business users?

    does anyone else have this issue? and/or can anyone at shapeways explain why i have to pay sales tax and wait for it to be refunded? that's really not supposed to be how it works.
  2. ana_xyz
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    Hey Erica, I'm sorry about the additional frustration. I've spoken with my team, and they're working on both a long-term solution (on the engineering side of things), and an immediate short-term solution for you. You'll be hearing from CS shortly!

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    clearly the solution is to move to Massachusetts....worked for me...

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  4. ana_xyz
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    Hey Erica, did things get resolved?

  5. designerica
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    resolved, yes. i'm still not quite clear how anyone could create a system that doesn't allow control over who gets charged tax. but apparently that's the case and i have to get manual refunds for the tax on each purchase. two steps forward, one step back. thanks for following up!