Nuts n Bolts!

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  1. Cody_Rauh
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    Nuts & Bolts

    For decorative purposes if the threads are at the correct angle, can and will they work properly to be functional to say finger tight if done in stainless steel?

  2. Cody_Rauh
    Cody_Rauh New Member
    guess also will need to know if it will work in gold plated, sterling silver and bronze antiqued also.
  3. Cody_Rauh
    Cody_Rauh New Member
    Still looking for an answer to this question. Would be great to know.
  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    You'd have to work with the tolerances and accuracy of each material. I'd say for stainless you'd want to go fairly large with a very loose fit, as even it it printed exactly right the surface is rough, and the friction would be immense. (Same with any plated stainless, glossy finish would be better, but still lots of friction and you'll wear the surface). For silver, could be interesting. You could go smaller, as the tolerances are lower, and the accuracy is very good. But with silver, 2 pieces must be 2 models except for sets like ear rings, cufflinks and such so you'd have 2 handling fees.
  5. Cody_Rauh
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    Ah gotcha, thank you much for the info and the reply, both greatly appreciated. I have a feeling it may be better to have some sort of placement slots for actual bolts and nuts rather. Thank you for the info!
  6. Youknowwho4eva
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    No problem, I saw your question yesterday, but decided to wait to see if anyone that may have experience would answer, but that didn't happen.
  7. Cody_Rauh
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    Yeah, I had a feeling the idea had been tried before, and had felt I knew the answer, but experience always trumps an educated guess.

    So going to go with safer route on this one.
  8. GlenG
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    Hi there,
    I work for ProMetal, the company that prints SS and glass. The physical properties of the SS material and the surface condition of printed parts make this a bad option. This would be true for most traditionally cast metal parts as well. We do a lot of tapping here in the shop. This works out well. The SS material requires fresh, sharp tooling and relatively low machine feeds and speeds but it takes a good thread. We mostly use stainless bolts and screws when needed.

  9. Cody_Rauh
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    Good to know and much appreciated, I decided to go with part slots which would be fit to the head of the bolt and allow for it to inset to the part.

    Plus the traditional bolts are cheap and keep the printing cost lower. However I do appreciate the additional information very helpful.