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  1. Hi everyone so i have made my shop and then i noticed that my items were not for sale. I have put them in my shop but nothing has gone for sale. I looked at my inventory and checked all of my items that i wanted and the certain materials but the haven't gone for sale yet.
    What do i do about it??
    Please respond,
    Epic Productions Bros.
  2. stop4stuff
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    Go to each of your models and click 'edit product' (upper right), you will then have the options to make your model public and for sale, don't forget to go through the materials list for the suitable materials for your products and for your markup on each material.

  3. Thanks so much!!
  4. skatersollie
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    Even if items are not for sale I think you should display items.. I didn't know this was an option and didn't know my models weren't being displayed at the site..