Not all embossed letters printed

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  1. dcltdw
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    In the attached model, not all the letters printed out. Instead of "LIHT MEC HEHT GEWYRCAN", I got "IHT M C HEHT E YRC". Anyone know why, and more importantly, how did you figure it out?

    I created this via SketchUp.
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    No model?
  3. dcltdw
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    Oh, I didn't hit UPLOAD FILE, oops. :)

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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    There are many extra lines on the text which are creating faces on top of faces. The extra lines and faces need to be deleted.
    The first image is a screen shot from Netfabb. There are holes in the text, shown by the yellow lines. Shapeways most probably has tried to fill them but having faces on top of each other has filled them in by deleting the letters.
    The second and third images are from Sketchup. I have deleted a face so you can see inside. You can see the extra faces and lines which need cleaning. There are extra lines on all of the letters.

  5. dcltdw
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    Aha... okay, I'll look at it again. Thanks muchly for the pointers!
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    This is what you really want. Draw the text on the surface then push/pull the letter surface up. If you look inside the model now, the letters are hollow. As the image shows.