Not able to "clear out" cart

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by GregDDC, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. GregDDC
    GregDDC New Member
    I can't find a way to clear out my shopping cart. Is there something I'm missing?
  2. GregDDC
    GregDDC New Member
    Wow - I'm sorry guys. I found it. It's the little trashcan next to the item.
  3. robert
    robert New Member
    No worries! :D


  4. Thespian
    Thespian New Member
    I'd like to report the same problem, as I have no little trashcan next to the icon.

    Just to see the process, I added an object to the cart, then when I click on the cart, it goes straight to asking me for my address. It doesn't show me the items in my cart like I'd expect.

    There is no way forward without entering an address, which is the original suggestion I was going to offer. SHOW THE PRICE FIRST. Really. asking for user information like address and such is a huge mental barrier to someone who might or might not want to buy something. If they have to enter their info just to find out how much the item is, they probably won't complete the transaction. Process should be:

    Cart -> shows what's in cart, with default size/material/price
    and options to change size/material (and reprice)
    and little trashcan for each item in cart to remove it
    and "yeah, that's good, buy it!" button

    Buyit button can then get all their info.

  5. clickykbd
    clickykbd New Member
    It took me a while to find it too... tried setting count to zero first. Perhaps this needs a bit of re-presentation work.