Nordic design on Shapeways - from us. :)

Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by modesty, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. modesty
    modesty New Member
    Hi folks,

    I got pretty excited when I first read about Shapeways in Wired magazine. Sure I've heard (and used) other 3d printing facilities before, but the range of materials available on Shapeways were more interesting to me. Now I can test ideas för real objects and even manufacture small parts for my motorcycle on my own. That's great! :)

    So I hope everyone come and look my shop to see what stuff I made so far.


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  2. ana_xyz
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    Hey modesty!

    Welcome. Care to tell us a little about your background? :)

  3. modesty
    modesty New Member

    Sure, my path to where I am today has gone through a number of creative fields. such as: silver smithery, video game creation to building custom cars and designing animations and interfaces for mobile phones an tv.
    Right now I'm running Modesty which is a small firm focusing on creative design, foremost graphical, but we're not limited to that. Lately my interest for jewelry and interior design has grown so now I'm looking for ways to fill that gap and Shapeways seems to fit right in there. :)