Nonmanifold parts enclosed in manifold parts?

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  1. MissStabby
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    How does the printing software handle nonmanifold items, like details, that are enclosed in manifold objects?

    here is an example of what i mean:

    The cube is fully manifold, though the dome doesn't have a face on the bottom.

  2. stonysmith
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    It will get rejected. Each shell needs to be manifold and watertight.

    At least for this simple of a model, you are not "Required" to boolean the shells together, but it becomes a good idea as the complexity of the model increases
  3. stop4stuff
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    Interestingly, Shapeways accepts such a model and fixes is correctly, see - I don't know what might happen with a more complicated model of consisting of many closed and open shells though.

    NetFabb Cloud service also accepts such a model. The service booleans the closed and open shells together quite nicely which gives scope for a more complicated model using the service to join parts in stages.

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  4. MissStabby
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