Non-Profit Fundraiser Model - Don't Starve, Wilson

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  1. GabrielGullbergh
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    Non-Profit Fundraiser Model - Don't Starve, Wilson

    I need some advice or help reducing the material use/cost for a model I have created inspired by the game "Don't Starve". I intend for it to be a non-profit donation towards preserving forestry, in collaboration with the producers of the game.

    The model is very head heavy at the moment, and I have opened it up for download for any that wish to take a peek. (please be respectful and do not re-print without permission)

    - Gabriel Gullbergh

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  2. mkroeker
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    Split it into two parts and make the head hollow - as seen here
  3. GabrielGullbergh
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    Yea I did that but hollowing out the hair area is tough. Im sure there is a tutorial for this somewhere,...