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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Tuha, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Tuha
    Tuha New Member
    Hi everyone,

    I was not able to upload a model to shapeways because it contains a non-manifold problem which i have been trying to fix for two 2 days without any success. Could any one tell me how can i fix that?? I'm using Catia V5R18 Student edition.

    Can anyone have a look at the attached file and tell me what is wrong?

    Best regards

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  2. crsdfr
    crsdfr New Member
    Hey bud,

    Just a couple of bad edges. They're highlighted in this picture as those yellow lines.


    I've attached the fixed file for you :)

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  3. Tuha
    Tuha New Member
    Hi crsdfr,

    This is great :D thank you very much for your effort. That was really very nice of you to fix the problem. Could you please tell me which program did you use to fix it??

    Best regards and have a nice day
  4. crsdfr
    crsdfr New Member
    Hi again,

    You're very welcome :)

    I used a full version of competitive service Magics. It is prohibitively expensive, however their free version, MiniMagics, still has the ability to detect and highlight bad edges, flipped triangles and all the little nuances that 3DP tech requires. You won't be able to use Minimagics to fix issues, but atleast it can show you exactly where to start looking with other CAD apps.

    You have a nice day too :D