Non-Manifold out of nowhere?

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  1. Zeemex
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    Hi guys, I'm trying to sort out my little DS stylus sort of design, I uploaded a version to shapeways and it's printable, but I wasn't too sure on the dimensions, so I went back into Blender and simply resized it, now I'm getting non-manifold vertices out of nowhere on the edge of a mirror modifier.

    I've tried deleting the faces and refilling them, nothing. I can't even move the vertices because of the mirror.

    The problem wasn't there on the bigger file I uploaded :S

    Could someone take a look for me and tell me what the problem is?

    Also some feedback on how to get my model to scale to serve as a DS stylus for example would be helpful.

    Cheers in advance :D

    EDIT: Forgot to add the most important part! The non-manifold vertices in question are along the middle of his head.

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  2. Fredd
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    the mirror was too high in the modifierstack for one thing it should below the subsurface mod. most exportsautomatically will. apply modifiers upon export, with the mirror mod in its current export you wind up with messedup mesh to test this apply th sub surface mod, you will get a nasty message. before you add mod be also sure to apply scale
  3. Keymaker
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    download it. check it, didn't find a problem with non-manifold vertices. If you have clipping on and cant move vertices and also some merge limit set then after applying mirror modifier these vertices will merge with mirrored ones => watertight mesh

    Note: i always use mirror before subsufr ;)

    (hope you understand my english)