Non-manifold in Rhinoceros

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by rxpincho, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. rxpincho
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    Hi everybody,

    I am making a package for a jewel i am making, already 4 pieces of it i've uploaded succesfully. These are far more complicated than this last part. I've checked the part with MiniMagics. It seems to be that there are no problems with bad edges or something.
    If I upload only the half balloon shape it's oke, only with the clips on it it failes over and over again.

    It would be awesome if someone could help me out with this problem!

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  2. dadrummond
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    You have at least two problems.

    1) The whole model seems to be duplicated. When I open in Blender and remove duplicate vertices, tens of thousands of them are removed.

    2) The clips on the far left and far right sides have, where they touch the main part, a base that is duplicated with the main part's geometry. That's non-manifold. Remove that extra geometry, and you should be good to go.
  3. dadrummond
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    Here's your model, fixed according to the above 2 suggestions. Should now work for you. (AccuTrans likes it; Blender claims there are no non-manifold vertices.)

    Let me (us) know how it works out.

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  4. rxpincho
    rxpincho New Member
    Thank you very much!!

    I'm still wondering why there were created duplicate objects because I've just booleaned the solids like the rest of the parts.

    With kind regards,
  5. dadrummond
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    Duplication of a whole model can happen by accident. I don't use Rhino, but in Blender, if I decide to make a copy on another layer (Shift-D, then M), but then decide against it, ESC-ing the action doesn't delete the copy. It stays around, invisible.

    Also, Boolean operations (again in Blender, but maybe it's similar in Rhino) create an entirely new object, and then leave the old geometry selected. Failing to delete the old geometry would again lead to (nearly) complete duplication.
  6. rxpincho
    rxpincho New Member
    Yes that could be the problem because i use a lot of different files. I will try to use Blender hereafter for this problem.

    Thanks again.