non-manifold error checking?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by berky93, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. berky93
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    I uploaded a model and got a non-manifold error. no problem. I figured I'd try out the feature on this site that allows you to see the errors in a visualization. but when I load the window, it only shows a few floating red lines, and the manifold parts of my model are not shown. This means that I have no idea what part of my model those lines are in. is there a way to show both the errors and the lines?
  2. afrodri
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    A few suggestions:

    - Your 3D drawing program might have a built-in feature to check for and display non-manifold edges. If not, Blender (a free program) does (In Edit Mode, Control-Alt-Shift-M).

    - You can also get a free program called 'MiniMagics' ( http://www.competitive service/view/en/2562719-MiniM agics.html) which does a great job of displaying inverted normals and non-manifold edges. I believe Shapeways uses the full version of Magics to correct problems with meshes before production.

    - Worst case, if you can't find or fix the problems, you can try ( It is a service, run by the makers of Magics, which will try to automatically fix your STL file. If they can fix it automatically, they will send you the fixed file for free. If not, they will offer to fix the file for you for 15 EU/hour. Small models usually take about an hour to fix.

    Hope that helps!