Non-manifold after stacking several model parts.

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by BananaMan, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. BananaMan
    BananaMan New Member
    Hello Shapers!

    I'm having problems with a model I made.

    The problem is as followed: The model is perfectly printable aslong as the parts are not stacked together. BUT, whenever I stack the parts together it gives me the non-manifold error.

    This image might show what I mean. The 5 parts on the right are stacked on top of eachother to form the 2 objects on the left.

    The 5 parts exported seperatly work perfectly, the 2 models on the right give me the non-manifold errors.

    Does anybody know what causes this? (does the server try to boolean the object together before sending them too the printer?) And is there a way of fixing this?

    Thank you for your help :)
  2. Wolfdagon
    Wolfdagon New Member
    I am very new to this, so I may be wrong. But I have noticed that when I try to stack parts like this in Sketchup I get the same problem. I think it is because where the parts touch it shows as a surface within the part. If you can delete that surface without affecting the rest of the model it should clear up the problem I think.
  3. BananaMan
    BananaMan New Member
    Ye that's what i was thinking off aswell, problem is that i need these parts to intersect because it has to be 1 piece. If I these parts don't intersect it might cause fragile seams on the places where 2 objects come together.

    But it's worth a shot, maybe a tiny offset is enough to fix this problem. Thanks for the help :D
  4. iguffick
    iguffick New Member
    Try deliberately overlapping your objects.
    If you have objects that you are aligning exactly, then you may get vertices with the same x,y,z position. If the export or import merges any of these identical vertices, then your resulting mesh will be non-manifold.
  5. BananaMan
    BananaMan New Member
    Hmm sounds like something that might work, the problem is that that's part of the design. And I can't really change the design.
  6. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Wolfdagon is right: when you're joining these objects you are probably left with internal and coincident faces, and these are detected as being nonmanifold. You'll have to clean up your mesh, I'm afraid..