No texture coordinates in .wrl with from meshlab.

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    Hello, i have problems with my texture coordinates when im export .wrl form meshlab. It looks perfect in meshlab but when i uppload it to shapeways it looks like the texture gets planar projected on to the surface.

    My workflow.
    I use maya to export an .obj.
    I open the .obj in meshlab and everything looks fine. The textures is linked and the UV's are the same.
    I export it as .wrl with "color" and "TextCoord". (The .wrl links to the right texture when i open it with a text edit and it also contains "coordIndex" which i assume is the uv placement).
    When i upload it to shapeways the texture is all wonky. It looks like it is just projected on from an axis.

    I have tried so many thing but i do not know what i am doing wrong.
    Am i missing something?

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    Just select the tex coordinate option. Wrl's are weird, seems to me they will only transfer one of these, vert paint, material diffuse color or a uv texture info. I guess with you also selecting color is causing the odd projection of the texture on your model. Of course a boolean union will mess up a uv map, as Paul stated.Ruins the UV coordinate values.