No Response From Customer Service, So No Choice But To Start A Thread

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by Barners, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Barners
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    A week has gone by, 3 emails sent with details of the shocking bits that were sent out to me. Shapeways say a full refund if you're not happy as long as you notify them within 10 days, so is this the ploy they are using, not responding within 10 days so they can tell you to go whistle for a refund?

    So a message for Shapeways, respond to my emails or I'll just get my money back via paypal and from the numerous posts on here about the shocking printing quality, I'm not the only one. Sort your machines out before you lose all of your business!
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  2. FerretDesigns
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    Did you get a conformation email back saying your complaint had been raised?
  3. Barners
    Barners Member
    Nope, nothing which makes me think the contact me form is not working.
  4. FerretDesigns
    FerretDesigns Well-Known Member
    Yeah, I think the form is faulty.
    I had a confirmation email for the Friday morning complaint, but not one for the Friday afternoon.
  5. mkroeker
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    Try direct email to - and make sure that their response does not end up in your spam folder.
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  6. FerretDesigns
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    I think you'll get a reply soon as I told the customer service team working with me about the forums posts, and linked them to it.
  7. jimmyadvice
    jimmyadvice Shapeways Employee CS Team
    @Barners I replied to your other comment as well but the advise above is noted.

    If you are not receiving our auto-replies, please make sure you check your spam or other folders in case your email settings are filtering our these emails - consider adding "" as a trusted sender as well.

    We use Zendesk for our service emails so make sure that this isn't blocked by your email as well.

    Let me know what email you contacted us with here or in the other thread. My apologies for the late replies. We are a little behind from the weekend due to staff on holiday.

    @FerretDesigns we check the CS forum thread twice daily Monday to Friday and on weekends as staffing is available.
  8. Barners
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    Hi @jimmyadvice,

    I've never had an email blocked from you guys before and I have nothing in spam folder either. For obvious reasons I don't want to add my email address to a forum, are you not able to check that info from the order number: #2505330
    I appreciate sometimes there are back logs, but it's been a week since my first email.

  9. jimmyadvice
    jimmyadvice Shapeways Employee CS Team
    @Barners I am messaging you directly now.
  10. Hello,

    I have got the same Problem, no answear to my Emails from Germany, since many days.
    I have written 10-15 Mails.

    It is
    Order #2723116
    I have ordered AMPro's Clod Buster Tailights.
    But this firm shapeways make this parts very terrible, totaly wrong much to long, with no white light in the middle.
    You can see it in the picture, this big wrong difference...

    I have written so much Emails to shapeways, but no! reaction..with pictures from wrong /defective parts!?
    They don't write back, but i have paid for it over 20 Dollars for these Tailights

    Today i have open a PayPal Claim!!

    But shapeways will not write to Paypal,too
    No answear?!? Nothing!

    PayPal has a spam Ordner, too?

    What is the problem?

    There is nothing in my spam ordner, too??

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  11. ... And tht back side of these 3D Tailights, are complete forgotten... No Led's holes...?
  12. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Customer Service currently has a multiple day backlog in emails.
    Sending 15 emails (i can see them) is not helping both you and other customers as it takes us much more time this way.

    We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  13. But no Response so long is better, you think?
  14. Moms_Sphagetti
    Moms_Sphagetti Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hi techmasterkohl,

    I'm really sorry about the response time for your latest order, please understand this is not the normal situation as we typically reply to every case that comes in within 24 hours, but due to the holiday rush in the past couple of weeks, it has taken us longer to reply to each and every case than normal.

    Sending emails through multiple channels and through the forum/social media will not get you a response any faster and could potentially lead to confusion in communication which could further delay a resolution which would simply be worse for you.

    I see my colleague Lefteri already has been in touch with you and is working on this for you. He will get back to you as soon as he can but only as soon as he can so please keep this in mind.

    All the best,
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