Nice Skull pendant

Discussion in 'Feature this!' started by Vidalcris, Sep 20, 2012.

Cool Design ?

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  1. Vidalcris
    Vidalcris New Member
    I designed this skull some month ago using Zbrush, i hope u will love it :p
    I will use it as a pendant.
    Please give me some feeback about this design :rolleyes:

    Some other design from my shop :
    Duality is my first serious jewell creation, i hope you like it ! Abstract representation of Male/Female Duality.

    U can put a light inside, to project nice shadows, there is a lot of work on Zbrush and C4D to make this design.
    Someone buyed one but i dont personnaly got it to take a picture, maybe this buyer will see this post (i hope u are totally happy with this model !).
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