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    Hello everybody,

    My name is ShihYuan and I'm a designer, creator and experimenter based in computational design and digital fabrication. I started my design using 3d printing from about three years ago, and I basically use Rhino and Grasshopper to make my work.

    I am very excited that I have opened up a shapeways store- SHIH DESIGN !!I designed a jewelry collection called VEIN Collection, and it's the first design in my store!
    It's happy to share my store to everybody:

    You can see more of my works here:

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  2. aliciafelber
    aliciafelber Well-Known Member
    Lovely work! congratulations!
  3. Malwen
    Malwen Well-Known Member
    Lovely designs, I particularly like the cuff bracelet. Good luck with your store.
  4. EvieL
    EvieL Well-Known Member
    Love your aesthetic, welcome to Shapeways, good luck!
  5. Rob_T_Firefly
    Rob_T_Firefly Shapeways Employee Manufacturing
    You do beautiful and interesting work! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Ngineer
    Ngineer Well-Known Member
    Excellent designs, welcome to the club!