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  1. Max0007
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    First: Hi to everyone...
    ...and sorry if my questions have allready been answered 1000times but i couldn´t find the right ansers up to now.

    So first question (About the materials):

    What does "using the model [...] as a lost pattern will leave rests after burning" mean?
    I´m not a nativ speaker and it seems my english got a little bad over the years. Can someone explain explain what that means?

    And second:

    A link to the explenation what a "Co-Creator" is would be nice.

  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    That is a confusing statement, but I believe it means it won't burn out properly.

    And for your co-creator question. There are the shapeways co-creators which are online software to make your own 3D printed items, and there are user co-creators where the owner of the item can specify 3 fields for a customer to provide information on customizing the item they are ordering.

    Finally found the blog post Creator-Platform.html
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  3. Max0007
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    Ah ok thanks for the link :p

    So it just means that the surface and maybe some details won´t be 100% "perfect" with the finished print?

  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    I'm not sure, I'll ask Nancy to clarify the statement.
  5. Max0007
    Max0007 New Member
    Just quickley wanted to ask if there is news on the statement. And is it really important anyway? I mean in the way that it should affect the way of designing and finishing a design for printing?
  6. stop4stuff
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    It's not important for 3D printing unless you are going to be using the print as a master for an investment casting - in the same way wax is invested, then burnt out for silver casting.
  7. abby
    abby New Member
    I have had very little success in burning out SW printed patterns in WSF or UFD.
    I have seen references from others who say it can be done but up to now no evidence.
    I have burnt out many organic materials including "Airfix" kits with fair success but have never managed to produce a decent casting from SW printed materials.

    This picture shows surface breakdown of investment.


    and this picture core breakage.


    It would be good to hear from someone who has actually done this process with satisfactory results.
  8. aeron203
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    It may be worth mentioning the context of the "pattern" statement in the material guide, since most people are unaware of the applications for 3D printing in casting.

    Thank you for posting the pictures, Abby. It's nice to see details of other people attempts so we aren't needlessly replicating work. I spoke with an Objet representative about using their materials (the Detail materials) for investment casting and he said some users had done it successfully, but that some ash would be left (it is acrylic plastic) so you can't expect perfection. Still, it might be worth trying Transparent Detail for these projects.

    Edit: Also, hollowing out the models would leave far less material to burn away, and that could make all the difference.

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