New York Central - Ls&ms 'harp' 1:24 Scale Switchstand Assembly Instructions

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    Orig NYC LSMS Stand LT 1-24 Display Pic3.jpg
    Step-by-step instructions showing how to assemble and paint an 1:24 scale New York Central / LS&MS / Penn Central / Conrail 'Harp' Switchstand from the Cleveland Frog & Crossing Co. in several variations. Each kit includes six different targets, a switch lamp, and two mast steps.

    The version with the handle thrown to the left is available for purchase here:

    They are also available in HO scale:

    A magnifying headset (Optivisor) and a precision sprue cutter like the Intermountain BB-1015, Micro-Mark #82393 or UMM-USA GMT01 are required to cut the parts from the support framework.

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