New York artist uses 3D prints

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    Susan Allbert an artist working in N.Y talks about her art project exploring food packaging waste. Dot San were hired by Susan to create the files for the 3D printed large takaway cutlery, printed by Shapeways. NZKg307XkM

    Expertise: Models created, checked, repaired, shelled and colored
    Experience: 10yrs+
    Portfolio: Dot San
    Flickr: Dot San on Flickr
    Rate:Fixed rate,no two jobs are the same,email to discuss
    Shapeways Interview
    Society 6

    We like challenges, so don't be shy in coming forward with any questions. Please feel free to contact my customers below for a reference.

    Your ideas modeled and checked for 3D Printing by Dot San by Dot San, on Flickr