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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ram3d, May 13, 2019.

  1. Ram3d
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    Well, I haven't had a print done through here in over a year. I just uploaded a file last night and noticed how everything had changed. They have changed the UI and hid the thin walls warnings that were easily visible before and because of that I got a nice email this morning telling me my file can not be printed due to the walls being too thin. I then had to dig through the forums to discover the new hard to find location for all the model info that used to be visible by default. This new UI change was a bad decision and is now going to make me have to wait even longer to get my print made. I don't see the benefits of this new UI. It also seems like they have a much smaller list of print material options as well.
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    What are you looking for? Maybe I can help you with your problem getting your project completed through the site
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    Thanks, but I figured it out now. I'd suggest they put a warning flag up if you have thin walls and not let you order a print at all instead of finding out later and feeling frustrated about it.