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Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by ghostgirl, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. ghostgirl
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    Hey hey!
    I'm Megan, a 3D printing tinkerer. I'm an artist and like experimenting with new technology and processes. I've been using Shapeways sporadically for a few years, but recently have gotten more into it. My main inspiration was that I couldn't find cool gauged earrings that I like, so I made myself some, and now I'm experimenting with what else I can make. :)
    While new to 3D printing, I've been 3D modeling for 15+ years. I have a degree in art (Carnegie Mellon, so mostly video/3D art), and my job is making various plants for video games. The workflow for 3D printing has been a fun change of pace from work, as it has drastically different requirements. :) I primarily work with 3DSMax, and make mostly art and jewelry so far. I have a tiny shop so far, but don't promote it yet, since I'm hoping to add some more stuff to it soonish. :D
  2. Shea_Design
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    Hi Megan, welcome to the collective. I also enjoy 3ds/max but typically use ZBrush for more artistic expressions. Ever try brush based modeling? -S
  3. Vincent_3D
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    This is actually the most surprising at first, the conceptual approach and modeling is really different between a realistic photo rendering and 3D printing.
    In addition, the chosen material or materials bring different constraints depending on the project. It's sometimes frustrating.
    We learn a little every day ...;)
  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    Welcome Megan! I like the batwing that you have printed (could use a little more contrast in the image I think) Can't wait to see more of your works printed!
  5. mariedanj
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    Your batwing is clever, and I love that Eye of Horus too! Welcome!
  6. SnoozeAlongSnail
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    Welcome! I like the bat wing earring as well :)