New to shapeways and need some help..

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    I ran into this page>> on how to make a snowglobe with my house in it and thought it would be a nice Valentines gift for my wife. I played with sketchup for a while but didnt get to far. I have taken pictures from all sides of my house and am wondering how much someone would charge me to make a model of my house that I could print? Thanks for looking

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    Looks like you've got the snow already.

    Autodesk has something called 123Catch. I think it's free. I have no experience with it but from some things I've read and seen on the internets you load some pictures into, assign some dimensions to key points like roof lines, corners, etc and it will create the model.

    Edit: oops, maybe next Valentine's Day
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    The thing that would help the most is a good set of dimensions. Draw a floorplan of the exterior walls for both floors, and take some accurate measurements.

    For the photos, i'd suggest you take at least take one photo of each wall where you're looking at the wall straight on and centered.