New Style Of Wax Seal Stamp, Calligraphy, Etc.

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    It began with getting into dip pen calligraphy, lead to custom font design, and branched off into wax seal stamps... (one thing always leads to another!).

    I wanted a wax seal stamp that could be easily carried around without getting lost. So that meant it had to be worn, but I'm not much into bulky rings. So that meant a necklace. After diddling around with a few concepts, I settled on a "parthenon" look (which to my knowledge is a novelty) because I felt like it gave me everything I wanted:
    -works great as a necklace
    -looks just as good as a small desk ornament
    -small form factor, but plenty of room to grab the top without fingers getting near the wax
    -top provides the perfect space to have the "positive" image of the stamp at full 1:1 size, so you know exactly what the stamp looks like, and at which orientation (a common complaint for traditional seal stamps)

    I hope you like them (I certainly do!).

    brass, steel, nylon_1280x960.jpg brass - side_1280x960.jpg brass - hanging_1280x960.jpg
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