New Sla Accura Material Vs Fine Detail Plastic

Discussion in 'Materials' started by SouthernPacific5339, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. I'm looking for a comparison of surface quality and detail of prints in the new Shapeways SLA Accura materials vs the Fine Detail Plastics. I have designed models and printed them in Fine Detail Plastic for a number of years. I've always been disappointed with the effects of the waxy support material leaving harsh textures that are very difficult to remove on small, complex models. It more or less defeats the purpose of hi-res 3D printing when 40 percent of the model is covered in a hard-to-remove textured surface (I'm not talking about the physical wax residue - rather the actual scarring left by the wax.) I outsourced a few models to a 3D party SLA Resin printer and I was pleased with the results. The overall surface was much smoother and consistent with less cleanup involved when compared to the Fine Detail Material, however small details on the print were less defined and a little more fluid like, which is to be expected considering the SLA process.

    So my question is- how do the new Shapeways SLA Accura materials compare? Are small details more defined than previous "high quality" SLA printing services available? Is the level of detail or surface quality at or exceeding Fine Detail Plastic?