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Discussion in 'Feature this!' started by ByMichaelCPoulsen, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. ByMichaelCPoulsen
    ByMichaelCPoulsen Active Member
    Hi Shapeways,

    I have just completed updating my jewelry shop and redesigned everything to match 'variants' and new prices etc. At the same time I added some new delicate product photos and generally cleaned up the shop. You have featured several of my products through time and I hope you will feature my new redesigned shop. as a good example og a Shapeways jewelry shop.

    Cheers, Mike (Inspired By Architecture) sn-10045866_2_Michael_C._Poulsen_Winter_Ring_1_2.jpg DSC_8116 kopi 2.jpg IBA10_PS3.jpg
  2. Phialo
    Phialo Member
    Hi! Nice shop. Looks clean and overall as one piece.
    One little thing: I think the Google Analytics code in the About section goes elsewhere... :)
  3. ByMichaelCPoulsen
    ByMichaelCPoulsen Active Member
    Hi Phialo, Thank you. And you’re right about the google analytics code. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I deleted it right away after reading your post Mike