New Polished Colors Coming October 17th!

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  1. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Hi everyone,

    We are very excited to share that we have improved our dying processes and quality, and are launching new colors next week in our Strong & Flexible family!

    Starting October 17, you and your customers will be able to order 3D prints in our dyed & polished red, purple, as well as two new colors: blue and hot pink. The new dyes are a potent mixture of pigment and dye which saturates both the surface and the interior of the nylon plastic. The results are vibrant and consistent, and means that the colors will last longer and appear brighter.

    Most excitingly, all Colored Strong & Flexible plastics will now be polished first. By polishing and then dying, 3D prints look and feel like final products – the quality rivals what you can find in a store. We've gotten great feedback on the quality, consistency, and aesthetic, both from designers and people not as familiar with 3D printing.

    This is the first of many more colors we'll be introducing. We chose to add blue and pink based on your feedback – we can't wait to see what you design for these colors!

    Your Shapeways Shop: What does this mean for you?

    On October 17th, you will have the ability to add these colors as a new material option for your customers – with enough time to get some samples before the holiday season kicks off!

    If you currently have colored products in your shop, these will be added automatically as we want to enabled, though we will not automatically enable blue and pink. That's up to your discretion!

    If you do not have colored products in your shop, you will have the opportunity to add these material options starting October 17th.

    Important to note - we have found that a very small number of models are either too big or too fragile to polish and will need to be modified if you'd like to offer them in dyed & polished colors. If yours falls into this category, we will send you a separate note shortly with some specific suggestions.

    New Colors: Properties and Design Guidelines

    The design rules are slightly different as the models have to withstand polishing first. The bounding box for polished colors is slightly smaller at 150x150x150mm and the minimum unsupported wires is 0.9mm.

    For more details, please see the Product Detail page here and refer to the design rules for polished products: idelines

    Remember, you can still order White and Black Strong and Flexible in unpolished.


    To celebrate this new addition and help you prepare your shop for the holiday season, all colored Strong & Flexible plastics will be 10% off until October 31st.

    Thereafter, the prices will be:

    WSF - $1.50 startup, $1.40 per cc - no change
    BSF - no price change
    WSFP - $2.00 startup, $1.50 per cc
    CSFP - $2.25 startup, $1.50 per cc
    What this means is, excluding black, everything over 2cc will now be cheaper. That's right, not only are we introducing new polished colors, we're making them cheaper too!

    So try them out! Print your models in these vibrant new colors, upload photos to your shop pages and get ready to wow your customers for the holidays.

    As always, if you have any feedback or questions, let us know!


    Natalia & the Shapeways Team
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  2. jeff
    jeff New Member
    To be clear, anything bigger then the 150mm cube bounding box can no longer be dyed? They have to be white? My iPad wraps can only be made in white now? Only white, which sucks dirt and stains right off your hands and permanently onto itself?

    This leaves me sad and confused.

    Polished and dyed is great, especially with the pigment combined with dyes for strong color, awesome. But why not continue to offer the normal dyed polyamide without polishing it? It seems like there is a pretty large number of products that will no longer be offered in colors.
  3. Dayton
    Dayton New Member
    I don't understand why you can no longer dye models with-out polishing them first. I have several models which CAN NOT be scaled down, or they cease to function. Not only that, I do NOT want them polished, and a matte finish is better for their purpose.

    This was not mentioned in the email notice you guys sent out, you might want to do that to keep people from loosing their hair.

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  4. jeff
    jeff New Member
    I see over in this post that Natalia said Black would remain available for unpolished "for now".

    That's not as bad then.
  5. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team

    Both Black and White will be available unpolished.
  6. gibell
    gibell Well-Known Member
    So we can get any polished model dyed for only 25 cents more? Is that correct?
  7. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your concern and questions, the discussion is happening here 0&#msg_55190

    Just to clarify some concerns you have raised:

    You will still be able to order black and white in unpolished.

    We have had consistency issues with the colors in the past so are improving the color palette to be consistent and vibrant.

    Black and White will NOT be affected. You will still be able to order black and white in unpolished. We are investigating ways to add black polished as well in the future.

    We do want to enable you to make bigger polished color models and working hard to make this happen as quickly as possible.

    We really appreciate all your feedback, please keep sharing any questions or concerns you have

    So to keep it in one place, I'll close this thread for now and continue the conversation here: 0&#msg_55190

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