New Patent Leather Burlesque Figure

Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by figurebang, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. figurebang
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    Hi everybody, here is the newest figure I just finished for a client. He really wanted the patent leather/pvc look for the clothing, and had to do several painting tests. I put super strong neodymium magnets in the seat base and post so you can take her on and off the base! FirstCoat.jpg
  2. figurebang
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    next step:
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  3. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    and painted!
  4. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    more pics...
  5. figurebang
    figurebang New Member
    some more angles...
  6. smurfted
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    Thats brilliant mate..
  7. yywu
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    Hey, I was linked here by someone else who commented on a post-processing thread. I'm looking at making my 3D printed white strong and flexible non-porous so that it can hold the release agent for silicone casting. Could you tell me what is the filler/primer that you used or if you found better ways of sealing the white strong and flexible? Thanks!

  8. figurebang
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    Hi, I first spray the print with an automotive filler-primer (like VHT), let it dry at least 6 hrs and then sand with 600 grit sand paper. Spray again, wait, and sand with 800 grit. Spray again, wait, and sand with 1000 grit. After doing this the print will be non-porous and super smooth!
  9. yywu
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  10. figurebang
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    The smooth-on will work as well, but regardless of what you use, the main thing is to make sure it's fully dry before sanding.
  11. yywu
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    Ah, I see. Thanks! Will keep that in mind =)

  12. miguelsantiagoart
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    Wow, Amazing figurine! The painting is done so well!
  13. figurebang
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    Thank you!