New, need help sizing an obj for printing...

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    I'm new and I have no idea how to size my obj for real life printing. It's a knife that should be 8 inches long but I don't know how to make it so. I don't know how to utilize the menu in my attached pic to make my knife 8 inches tall... It's standing vertical in the program if it helps...
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    Vertical is usually the Y axis but sometimes Z in the application, what program is this?

    It looks like it's using the units in the viewport of the application and doesn't have direct sized properties in the menu you're showing, only the ability to multiply the size. Check the properties to see if it'll let you set the grid to a specific measurement type, I usually set mine to millimeters, but if it'll let you, set it to inches.

    It may also help to know that a lot of the OBJ exporters don't factor in real measurements and instead use a basic 'unit' system, which you'll usually have to set the measurement type and size when you import for print.

    If you absolutely need help, you can send me the file and I'll export it as an STL or an OBJ with correct measurements.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I'm using Metasequoia it's a Noob-Friendly Japanese software... I usually build for Pepakura so I've never had to resize an object on Meta since you can just set the height after importing to Pepakura Designer... I'll fiddle with my Preferences and see if I can do what you suggested...
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    Shapeways will not print a knife, according to their content policy:

    Some examples of content that is prohibited and will be removed (private or public):
    Content that resembles weapons or weapon accessories (exceptions are made for miniatures, maximum size 10cm).
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    Thanks AmLachDesigns, I should've read that before trying to upload it...
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    Not really, easy to miss...